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Living room storage

bespoke cabinetry

Conjure up your perfect lounge vibe with an entirely new look or make a few simple tweaks to reinvent your space. Clever storage – bespoke cabinetry is anywhere that provides a ready/made recess, alcoves on either side of a chimney breast. Can be transformed into a cupboard just as per our example. Every building is different. It’s shape, size, age and architecture give it a distinctive character that needs to be taken into account when you are planning how to use it.

Smart storage – the bespoke fit on this cabinet help further the feeling of grandeur. Use the shelves to display keepsakes and stash away unsightly clutter in the cupboard.

An ultimate finishing touch to your bespoke cabinetry, artwork dresses our cabinetry and provides an interesting focal point. The picking and positioning of pieces is crucial to the success of a scheme’s overall look.

Mixing artwork with carefully curated accessories creates an engaging display. And can be effortlessly transformed on a whim. If your living space is destined to be a multipurpose room. It needs careful planning to get the best out of it. Flexibility is everything. There are two ways to approach this. Firstly, to allocate different parts of the room for different activities. Secondly to keep the whole area as unified space but furnish with dual-purpose furniture that can adapt to different uses at short notice.

Make the most of the alcoves on either side of the chimney. Invest in bespoke cabinetry that can incorporate your TV and keepsake. Always looks smart, and creates a feeling of space.

Colour Basics

But aside from practicalities, the single most important relationship that you need to nurture is that of colour. Picking a colour scheme can be daunting; how will you know if it will look good in your room? To create a calm look just pick colours that are closer together on the wheel. Or if you are looking for a big impact. Choose complementary colours – two colours that are on opposite sides of the wheel, such as blue and orange.

Finding extra storage space

Alcove display cabinets

You don’t want to cram every inch of your home with shelves and cupboards. But you will probably need more storage space than you have.

What does your storage space need to house? At the very least, it will include clothes, shoes and minimum of tableware and kitchen gadgets. On top of that you will have books and any number of other personal possessions.

Where to look

The first place to look is anywhere that provides a ready-made recessed. As these slots can be fitted with storage without robbing the room of any useful space. Alcoves on either side of a chimney breast can be transformed into shelves , cupboards , bookcases. All custom-made to fit the exact size. Shallower alcoves are perfect for bookcases, or fitted media cabinetry with top open shelving. Fireplaces themselves are useful spaces, can create full width and height wardrobes that can be custom designed to fit the exact space. If the fireplace is no longer in use. It is up to you to decide whether you leave these storage spaces open or front them with cupboard doors.

Doors can give the room a neater, more streamlined finish by continuing the line of the wall.

Unlikely areas

Do not waste high-level areas that can be used for storage, they can be easily created by experienced carpenter. Bespoke furniture is the way forward to achieve the sleek, neat look. The advantages of bespoke furniture is that all is created for that specific space. An example will be storage above picture rail height, which will probably need a custom-made ladder.

Usable space is often wasted behind doors, either because you do not think of looking there. Or because the door itself blocks off the space. There is probably enough available wall for a set of narrow bookshelves, or wardrobe.

Maximize storage in a small kitchen

custom cabinets

Every bit of space counts in a small kitchen, so look at every wall and surface and strategize about ways to utilize it. A great investment for tiny kitchens are custom cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling utilizing all the available space. Also if you don’t have a pantry consider buying a custom cabinet, you can place it where it’s convenient and free up your cabinets for other things.

Spots that are often used exclusively for decoration can actually become handy storage. The false drawer under most sinks can be replaced with a tilt-out drawer front that’s great for storing sponges and scrub pads. Even more crafty, having a plinth drawer. Nobody will suspect that’s where your muffin tins are hiding!

Use unexpected storage solutions and mixed materials to liven up a monochromatic kitchen.

Store away with custom cabinets

Keep small appliances off the kitchen counter. Store them together in a kitchen cabinet or pantry. Out of sight means less visual clutter, but things hidden in the cabinet tend to be forgotten. So only store what you will use.

You might want to look st replacing an under hob cabinet with deep pull-out drawers. Stack pans as tidily as possible, grouping like with like. Also consider a mounted pot rack or pegboard system. And designate a shallower drawer for storing the lids.

The kitchen functions at its best when it’s set up in zones. There are five main zones: cooking, preparation, cleaning, storage and food. Everything in your kitchen should fit into one of these five categories. If you have an item that doesn’t fit, it may not belong in the kitchen.

However small or abundant your space may be, there’s no doubt you can make the most of it. This space allows you to express your creativity through decorating, organizing, cooking and baking.

Country / Contemporary Painted Bespoke Furniture

Mirrored paneled fitted wardrobe

Nowadays, with more and more custom-made furniture pieces, it is important to paint them in an appropriate way. Custom-made furniture pieces or any furniture available from the 1950s and 1960s can be painted in a retro way. Meaning that we look back to the time after the Second World War when there was a boom in technology and use of color after years of austerity. English Yellow, Paris Grey and Louis Blue are retro colors, along with Barcelona Orange and Olive.

Alternatively, painting can be modern and architectural where there’s minimal decoration and large slabs of color are used in a room. As well as painting just one wall in a different color to the other walls. Stripes take a more central role in decoration and we have become more and more aware of clear, simple color.

What is your style for your custom-made furniture?

Country style has developed out of practicality, with function definitely coming before style. It is a weathered, worn and natural look. With worn, washed and faded painted wood, limed oak and rough walls. It can appear natural and earthy with whites and neutrals or whites and grays. But it can be quite colorful. With a style that has come straight from the farm.Bold colors, such as strong reds, bright greens and blues suit it well. For your country kitchen, you can chose softer worn and faded colors or bright ones such as pure red. That will add a great touch to your bespoke kitchen.

Take as an example this fitted wardrobe that has been hand painted in graphite. Which is almost black, is not a simple, hard color but a mellow, sophisticated mix. It can be darkened with dark wax or used over a blue color to make it deeper.

Grays in all forms,whether dark and charcoal-like or with a hint of blue or brown. Are synonymous with Swedish interiors. Gray is also used in minimal and retro interiors.

Finding extra space for storage with custom cabinetry

Living room decor with alcove custom cabinetry

You do not want to cram every inch of your home with shelves and cupboards, but you will probably need more storage space than you have. If you want to keep your living space clear and uncluttered. Make the best possible use of wasted corners and unexplored angles, by investing in custom cabinetry.

What does your custom cabinetry need to house? At the very least, it will include clothes, shoes and a minimum of tableware and kitchen gadgets. On top of that you will have books, CDs, videos and any number of other personal possessions. Some more important than others, and some needing more regular access than others. Photographs and letters are precious but you will not need to get at them too often, so they can be hidden away in closed storage. While everyday tableware needs to be near at hand and easy to retrieve and replace.

Where to look

The first place to look is anywhere that provides a ready-made recess, as these slots can be fitted with custom-made cabinets without robbing the room of any useful space. Alcoves on either side of a chimney breast can be transformed into fitted bookcases, custom-made cupboards or fitted wardrobes and are deep enough to take chunky equipment like televisions, music systems. Shallower alcoves are perfect for fitted bookcases for books and CDs. Fireplaces themselves are useful spaces: if the fireplace is no longer functioning, or you are happy to forgo the idea of an open fire. You can remove the fittings and reline the space to provide a deep, practical recess.

It is up to you to decide whether you leave these storage spaces open or front them with cupboard doors. Doors can give the room a neater, more streamlined finish by continuing the line of the wall.

Remember the prioritizing process you went through earlier. You may have to make sacrifices to create effective storage for the things that really matter to you.

Selecting furniture for your kitchen remodeling

kitchen design

Kitchen design is a booming specialist area in interior design. And due to increased public awareness, is becoming more and more creative and innovative in approach.

An integral part of any kitchen design is the selection of furniture. And a furniture designer can choose between standard size designs or built-in furniture, custom-made. Which can be a good solution when space is at a premium. Solid furniture can be made in soft or hard wood, or MDF, ply, which can then be painted, laminated or given a spray finish.

As with all design, it will be the attention to detail that sets a piece apart. A bespoke design makes the best use of space but can be an expensive option. The furniture designer will generate working drawings for any kitchen design required.

Mixing different woods in the kitchen can be challenging and clients do not always understand that wood itself has a colour. The final choice of furniture design will depend on its practicality in relation to the client’s brief, its style. And whether it will fit and work satisfactorily in the actual space.

<h3>Details and accessories</h3>

Attention to details is a key part of good kitchen design and a great deal of emphasis is placed on the way accessories are used in contemporary interiors. Details such as handles, can appear incongruous if they are not in keeping with the overall scheme. While modest additions such as stylish, good-quality handles can transform a simple piece of furniture.

Wood paneling, panel frames of MDF or tongue and grooves boarding. Can be applied to introduce a particular style to a kitchen design, or manipulate the proportions. As with all the finishes in a decorative scheme, the interplay of texture and light will be a factor in the selection process.

“Design is a continuous learning process, and one should never stop educating the eye through art. travel, books, film and theater.” Constanze von Unruh – designer

Built-in furniture

Built-in furniture

Well organised living and work spaces truly make our lives easier. If you are lucky, your home came with built-in furniture in every corner. You can add built-in furniture through means as simple as a bookshelf and some crown molding.

If you are not handy, hire an expert, the right person won’t just build some shelves, they will help you customize a unique storage solution. For example if you have a ton of books and no library to store them in, built-in bookshelves can transform a room. So as not to overwhelm the space, consider floor-to-ceiling shelves with relatively shallow depth. The minimal footprint preserves floor space and opens up vertical storage for books, media, keepsakes and baskets. Of items that would otherwise be taking up valuable tabletops, counters and desks.

The same can be true of display spaces for collectibles or curiosities. Another popular built-in furniture/ solution is to add window seat to an otherwise underutilized wall. This gives you a nice place to sit and read a book with the bonus of providing shelves or cubes for stashing that book and all its friends.

For a storybook feel, combine the two ideas and frame a window with bookshelves on either side, with a seat in between. This is a great look for a kid’s room or library, tucked into a stairwell. Or in any free space where storage is at a premium.

The living room is probably the most used room in the house, so it can get cluttered fast! Investing in slender built-in bookshelves to your space will make the ceiling to feel higher, and also great storage solution. The living room is one of the hardest spaces to keep form getting cluttered. Since it’s where everyone goes to relax. Often with a book or a movie or a crafting project. It’s as i the room is begging you to clutter it up. But you can fight back, with built-in furniture the best solution for any room, no more clutter!

Storage in an open-plan room

built-in cupboard

Whether space is tight or you are just looking for a way to incorporate plenty of unobtrusive storage. In an open-plan room, a built-in cupboard, bespoke furniture is a savvy choice. Especially if it’s painted the same colour as the walls. When it comes to the dining room – or dining area, if your home has an open-plan layout. The question of storage usually revolves around tableware, cutlery/ flatware, glassware and linens.

Dining room storage

The chances are that you will be able to answer most, if not all, of your dining-room storage needs with one statement piece of furniture, such as bespoke furniture.Alternatively, you might opt for a custom-built display cabinet with cupboards below and shelves above. Or even a built-in cupboard with open shelves. Built-in storage and custom-made furniture are particularly useful in a narrow room. Because they can be made to any depth or size, much better than many floor-standing pieces.
Another handy option for a small space is custom-made banquette seating with integrated storage. Floor-to-ceiling built-in cupboards help to keep the dining space shown above free from clutter and provide a sleek, minimalist backdrop for the vintage table and chairs.

Custom-made display cabinets

A great choice will be custom-made display cabinets since tableware and glasses as well as all manner of other things. Can be displayed decoratively while being protected from gathering dust.
Storing breakables must be approached with caution. Plates for example, should only ever be stacked in piles of eight or fewer. Another worthwhile addition to a dining area might be a wine rack, which will allow you to grab another bottle of red during dinner. Pursuing a similar line of thought, you might decide that the dining room is the best place for a drinks cabinet.
Finally, consider any other purpose that your dining room may have. Perhaps it doubles as a study or a place to do homework. Dedicate a built-in cupboard to that activity, so that anything relating to the room’s additional function can be kept in one place.

Clutter-free surfaces and floors

bespoke kitchen

In a small kitchen, as much storage as possible should be wall mounted, scribe to ceiling, bespoke cabinetry. Banish surface clutter by putting up a key rack, letter holder and noticeboard. Consider where it might be useful to site a small open shelf or a basket. Installing a floor-to-ceiling bank of minimalist kitchen cabinets squeezes every inch of storage space out of a small room. In a large open-plan room, it helps to create the feel of a living kitchen by downplaying the functional aspects of the area. Bespoke cabinetry comes into its own in an awkward or compact space. If you are remodeling your kitchen, it may be possible to make more significant changes to maximize storage space. There are numerous clever solutions to enable easier access to corner base units, including cabinet carousels and pull-out shelves.

Maximize storage

Tall pull-out larder cupboards are great for squeezing maximum storage value out of a small strip of vertical space. They are so much more useful than ubiquitous built-in wine rack.
The minimalist aesthetic demands that surfaces are kept clear of clutter. Bespoke cabinetry, this means sufficient storage provision for every ingredient, utensil, small appliance and piece of china and cookware. It also means that cleaning is made easier.
When everything is being stored out of sight, easy access is important. Deep drawers are a much more practical option than base unit cupboards, which make it difficult to reach items at the back. This usually involves kneeling on the floor and delving into the depths of the space.

Custom-built storage

Bespoke cabinetry is without a doubt the best choice, as it makes the most of every inch of space and can be designed with flat panels that either slide or push to open. A minimalist interior relies on clutter-free surfaces and floors. If you aren’t naturally tidy, planning a generous amount of built-in storage. Such as tall bespoke cabinetry is the easiest way to achieve this sleek, elegant look.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

bespoke kitchen

When planing kitchen storage, consider the type of cooking you do most often.Generally the busiest room in the house, the kitchen is truly multi-functional. We use it for cooking of course but often also for dining, socializing and doing the laundry. Among other things which means that it has to perform well when it comes to storage. Investing in custom-made kitchens, that can make usage of all the available space. From foodstuffs to detergents and saucepans to cocktail glasses. There is a huge variety of items that either need to be kept readily accessible or hidden from sight.

Kitchen Storage

So that meals can be prepared efficiently, storage for regularly used equipment and ingredients should be allocated close to the working triangle. The zone demarcated by the sink, cooker and refrigerator. This will help to streamline the cooking process, saving time and efforts.
Conversely, items that get only seasonal use – barbecue and picnic equipment, or large serving dishes. Can be stored towards the back of deep cupboards or high shelves. Keep cutlery / flatware, tableware and linens near the dining table. While the laundry basket and detergent belong close to the washing machine. Tea, coffee and sugar should be immediately accessible once you’ve flicked the switch on the kettle.

Custom-made kitchen

Investing in a custom-made kitchen allows pans/ skillets, colanders and other cookware to be kept easily accessible.Store like with like, so that it is easier to find a particular item when you need it. When it comes to storing heavy cookware such as cast-iron casseroles. It is a good idea to keep them stacked on a low shelf, for easier and safer access. If shelves can be sited near to the cooker, all the better.
In order to squeeze maximum storage potential out of a cupboard or wall space. Position shelves as close as possible, or have them adjustable. Without packing them so tightly that it’s difficult to remove items, of course.