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Don’t forget that all important functional room in your home, yes the kitchen can also be created and designed by Clive Anderson Furniture.

Generally the busiest room in the house, the kitchen is truly multi-functional. We use it for cooking, of course, but often also for dining, socializing and doing the laundry, among other things. Which means that it has to perform well when it comes to storage. From foodstuffs to detergents and saucepans to cocktail glasses. There is a huge variety of items that either need to be kept readily accessible or hidden from sight. Therefore a bespoke kitchen is for you, we can create numerous clever solutions for you to ensure that every inch of space is being used accordingly.

This room can be designed to make optimum use of the space you have, no matter how big or small. Wouldn’t it be perfect to have all your utility needs built in to hide and conceal all those unattractive white goods that are necessary but unsightly.

Our professional designers can create a room that is clutter free and a pleasure to be in. They will utilize the space you have to meet all your needs and requirements. Now we all know that a utility is not the most exciting room in the home, however it can still be created with style and quality.

We have endless designs and styles such as contemporary, minimalistic, traditional; your wish is our command. We have a number of finishes to suit your style and taste. These range from wood, hand or sprayed painted, gloss or matt finish, wood veneered are just a few examples of styles and finishes we can offer.

The beauty of a bespoke kitchen is often derived from how well it is designed. In terms of function and attention to detail. Finally we can create a room that is easy to keep clean and organised. Also maximizing it at the same time.

vintage custom-made kitchen

bespoke kitchen

gloss fitted kitchen

white handless kitchen

quartz worktop bespoke kitchen

handless gloss custom-made kitchen