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garden room

The aim of this page is to help you create your dream custom-made garden room, garage conversion or any other small conversion. Also will show you all the bespoke projects that we were involved in and the steps that were taken to complete each project. We will lead you through each stage of the architectural process, simplifying the entire procedure. From concept to completion, Clive Anderson Furniture will steer you through to realizing your dream project.

People are influenced by television, advertisements, books, magazine articles and friends. Ask yourself: why are you doing this? What are your underlying objectives? At what level will the cost not be worthwhile? How much of this is about investment and resale – and how much is about what you want for yourself?

Many people jump into a project with both feet and find themselves in the middle of a great tangle of questions that they never imagined and that need instant decisions. Conflicting issues, cost problems, regulations that have not been considered in advance, delay and many more such problems can arise. As a result will lead to time overruns, unsatisfactory results, wasted money and unnecessary stress.
Consequently it is important to go through an orderly, step by step design process that will deal with all aspects of your proposal.

Garden Room

garden room

How it was built

Strip footings dug to a depth of 0.6m by 0.4m wide and filled with concrete, to provide a base to build on.

Timber frame

Timber frame:
4X2″ 47X100mm C24 Sawn Treated, Graded & Regularised Timber on DPC

Double glazed with Magnetic Integral Blinds.

The whole structure is cocooned in 75mm Celotex insulation to walls. Even the floor has 100mm of Celotex under it.

insulation and timber frame

Covered both sides with 18mm OSB (Oriented Strand Board) also known as sterling board.
Inside 12.5mm Plasterboard over OSB.
Outside 38X25 batten with a damp proof membrane
Cladding to front and side in 18mm T&G Cedar Wood treated both sides with Osmo UV wax oil (recoatable every 5 years)
As a result will bring the thickness of the wall to a total of 180mm.

Roof made up from inside of 100mm Celotex insulation with 40mm void for air flow, consequently making it a cold roof. Covered in 8X2″ T&G OSB, followed by 1 sheet of rubber glued down.

Floors are made of DPM damp proof membrane 7X2″ timber followed by 100mm Celotex insulation covered with 22mm Chipboard and finished with vinyl flooring in Turin Click Whitewashed Oak.

bullnose sandstone

Steps to front made up from 50mm Rounded nose Sandstone (Bullnose)

Bi-fold doors and window RAL 7016 Anthracite grey including Magnetic Integral Blinds.

Finally all the lighting is low energy, white LEDs . In the garden, the exterior lights are LEDs using 1.3 watts each spray painted to match door frame in RAL 7016 Anthracite grey.

Final result

garden room

For any bespoke garden room solutions please contact Clive Anderson Furniture on 01708 505 528 or email us