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Built-in furniture

Built-in furniture

Built-in furniture

Well organised living and work spaces truly make our lives easier. If you are lucky, your home came with built-in furniture in every corner. You can add built-in furniture through means as simple as a bookshelf and some crown molding.

If you are not handy, hire an expert, the right person won’t just build some shelves, they will help you customize a unique storage solution. For example if you have a ton of books and no library to store them in, built-in bookshelves can transform a room. So as not to overwhelm the space, consider floor-to-ceiling shelves with relatively shallow depth. The minimal footprint preserves floor space and opens up vertical storage for books, media, keepsakes and baskets. Of items that would otherwise be taking up valuable tabletops, counters and desks.

The same can be true of display spaces for collectibles or curiosities. Another popular built-in furniture/ solution is to add window seat to an otherwise underutilized wall. This gives you a nice place to sit and read a book with the bonus of providing shelves or cubes for stashing that book and all its friends.

For a storybook feel, combine the two ideas and frame a window with bookshelves on either side, with a seat in between. This is a great look for a kid’s room or library, tucked into a stairwell. Or in any free space where storage is at a premium.

The living room is probably the most used room in the house, so it can get cluttered fast! Investing in slender built-in bookshelves to your space will make the ceiling to feel higher, and also great storage solution. The living room is one of the hardest spaces to keep form getting cluttered. Since it’s where everyone goes to relax. Often with a book or a movie or a crafting project. It’s as i the room is begging you to clutter it up. But you can fight back, with built-in furniture the best solution for any room, no more clutter!

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