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Country / Contemporary Painted Bespoke Furniture

Country / Contemporary Painted Bespoke Furniture

Mirrored paneled fitted wardrobe

Nowadays, with more and more custom-made furniture pieces, it is important to paint them in an appropriate way. Custom-made furniture pieces or any furniture available from the 1950s and 1960s can be painted in a retro way. Meaning that we look back to the time after the Second World War when there was a boom in technology and use of color after years of austerity. English Yellow, Paris Grey and Louis Blue are retro colors, along with Barcelona Orange and Olive.

Alternatively, painting can be modern and architectural where there’s minimal decoration and large slabs of color are used in a room. As well as painting just one wall in a different color to the other walls. Stripes take a more central role in decoration and we have become more and more aware of clear, simple color.

What is your style for your custom-made furniture?

Country style has developed out of practicality, with function definitely coming before style. It is a weathered, worn and natural look. With worn, washed and faded painted wood, limed oak and rough walls. It can appear natural and earthy with whites and neutrals or whites and grays. But it can be quite colorful. With a style that has come straight from the farm.Bold colors, such as strong reds, bright greens and blues suit it well. For your country kitchen, you can chose softer worn and faded colors or bright ones such as pure red. That will add a great touch to your bespoke kitchen.

Take as an example this fitted wardrobe that has been hand painted in graphite. Which is almost black, is not a simple, hard color but a mellow, sophisticated mix. It can be darkened with dark wax or used over a blue color to make it deeper.

Grays in all forms,whether dark and charcoal-like or with a hint of blue or brown. Are synonymous with Swedish interiors. Gray is also used in minimal and retro interiors.

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