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Maximize storage in a small kitchen

Maximize storage in a small kitchen

custom cabinets

Every bit of space counts in a small kitchen, so look at every wall and surface and strategize about ways to utilize it. A great investment for tiny kitchens are custom cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling utilizing all the available space. Also if you don’t have a pantry consider buying a custom cabinet, you can place it where it’s convenient and free up your cabinets for other things.

Spots that are often used exclusively for decoration can actually become handy storage. The false drawer under most sinks can be replaced with a tilt-out drawer front that’s great for storing sponges and scrub pads. Even more crafty, having a plinth drawer. Nobody will suspect that’s where your muffin tins are hiding!

Use unexpected storage solutions and mixed materials to liven up a monochromatic kitchen.

Store away with custom cabinets

Keep small appliances off the kitchen counter. Store them together in a kitchen cabinet or pantry. Out of sight means less visual clutter, but things hidden in the cabinet tend to be forgotten. So only store what you will use.

You might want to look st replacing an under hob cabinet with deep pull-out drawers. Stack pans as tidily as possible, grouping like with like. Also consider a mounted pot rack or pegboard system. And designate a shallower drawer for storing the lids.

The kitchen functions at its best when it’s set up in zones. There are five main zones: cooking, preparation, cleaning, storage and food. Everything in your kitchen should fit into one of these five categories. If you have an item that doesn’t fit, it may not belong in the kitchen.

However small or abundant your space may be, there’s no doubt you can make the most of it. This space allows you to express your creativity through decorating, organizing, cooking and baking.

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