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Living room storage

Living room storage

bespoke cabinetry

Conjure up your perfect lounge vibe with an entirely new look or make a few simple tweaks to reinvent your space. Clever storage – bespoke cabinetry is anywhere that provides a ready/made recess, alcoves on either side of a chimney breast. Can be transformed into a cupboard just as per our example. Every building is different. It’s shape, size, age and architecture give it a distinctive character that needs to be taken into account when you are planning how to use it.

Smart storage – the bespoke fit on this cabinet help further the feeling of grandeur. Use the shelves to display keepsakes and stash away unsightly clutter in the cupboard.

An ultimate finishing touch to your bespoke cabinetry, artwork dresses our cabinetry and provides an interesting focal point. The picking and positioning of pieces is crucial to the success of a scheme’s overall look.

Mixing artwork with carefully curated accessories creates an engaging display. And can be effortlessly transformed on a whim. If your living space is destined to be a multipurpose room. It needs careful planning to get the best out of it. Flexibility is everything. There are two ways to approach this. Firstly, to allocate different parts of the room for different activities. Secondly to keep the whole area as unified space but furnish with dual-purpose furniture that can adapt to different uses at short notice.

Make the most of the alcoves on either side of the chimney. Invest in bespoke cabinetry that can incorporate your TV and keepsake. Always looks smart, and creates a feeling of space.

Colour Basics

But aside from practicalities, the single most important relationship that you need to nurture is that of colour. Picking a colour scheme can be daunting; how will you know if it will look good in your room? To create a calm look just pick colours that are closer together on the wheel. Or if you are looking for a big impact. Choose complementary colours – two colours that are on opposite sides of the wheel, such as blue and orange.

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