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Specially designed custom-made vanity unit is a necessary feature of a bathroom.

The best solution combines wall-mounted pieces with custom-made vanity furniture. As bespoke designers of handcrafted and furniture makers we don’t stop at the norm, we can make anything to your specification and design.

We offer experienced designers that can help you make your home unique. While a cabinet is essential in a bathroom and especially useful if it is mirrored, items in daily use. Such as soap and toothbrushes best stored in wall-hung cabinets or on shelves. If you don’t like modern custom-made vanity units, why not have a vintage table or cabinet transformed into a vanity unit? If the piece you choose doesn’t offer cupboard space. Probably fitted furniture can accommodate this. Therefore lacquer, paint and wood are the materials most often associated with built-in vanity units. Also mirrored glass is a good alternative. Because it is easy to clean and bounces plenty of light around and it evokes a sense of glamour, too.

Seamless minimalist look

Why stop there when you can have a bathroom with made to measure vanity and storage units. For a seamless minimalist look, and easier cleaning, avoid wire shelves and caddies in the shower and opt for a built-in wall cabinet recessed into the wall. Most of all should be just big enough for your daily bathroom essentials. Finally any room in your home can be designed and crafted to exceed all your expectations. Why settle for run of the mill furniture when you can design your own and make your home unique. Though bathroom storage is likely only to be required for towels, toiletries, cleaning products and medicines. Consequently it’s still important to think very carefully about ease of access to allow for frequent and effective cleaning. Hence the use of custom-made furniture.

custom-made vanity

Bathroom mirrored unit

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Custom-made bathroom mirror