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Storage in an open-plan room

Storage in an open-plan room

built-in cupboard

Whether space is tight or you are just looking for a way to incorporate plenty of unobtrusive storage. In an open-plan room, a built-in cupboard, bespoke furniture is a savvy choice. Especially if it’s painted the same colour as the walls. When it comes to the dining room – or dining area, if your home has an open-plan layout. The question of storage usually revolves around tableware, cutlery/ flatware, glassware and linens.

Dining room storage

The chances are that you will be able to answer most, if not all, of your dining-room storage needs with one statement piece of furniture, such as bespoke furniture.Alternatively, you might opt for a custom-built display cabinet with cupboards below and shelves above. Or even a built-in cupboard with open shelves. Built-in storage and custom-made furniture are particularly useful in a narrow room. Because they can be made to any depth or size, much better than many floor-standing pieces.
Another handy option for a small space is custom-made banquette seating with integrated storage. Floor-to-ceiling built-in cupboards help to keep the dining space shown above free from clutter and provide a sleek, minimalist backdrop for the vintage table and chairs.

Custom-made display cabinets

A great choice will be custom-made display cabinets since tableware and glasses as well as all manner of other things. Can be displayed decoratively while being protected from gathering dust.
Storing breakables must be approached with caution. Plates for example, should only ever be stacked in piles of eight or fewer. Another worthwhile addition to a dining area might be a wine rack, which will allow you to grab another bottle of red during dinner. Pursuing a similar line of thought, you might decide that the dining room is the best place for a drinks cabinet.
Finally, consider any other purpose that your dining room may have. Perhaps it doubles as a study or a place to do homework. Dedicate a built-in cupboard to that activity, so that anything relating to the room’s additional function can be kept in one place.

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