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Selecting furniture for your kitchen remodeling

Selecting furniture for your kitchen remodeling

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Kitchen design is a booming specialist area in interior design. And due to increased public awareness, is becoming more and more creative and innovative in approach.

An integral part of any kitchen design is the selection of furniture. And a furniture designer can choose between standard size designs or built-in furniture, custom-made. Which can be a good solution when space is at a premium. Solid furniture can be made in soft or hard wood, or MDF, ply, which can then be painted, laminated or given a spray finish.

As with all design, it will be the attention to detail that sets a piece apart. A bespoke design makes the best use of space but can be an expensive option. The furniture designer will generate working drawings for any kitchen design required.

Mixing different woods in the kitchen can be challenging and clients do not always understand that wood itself has a colour. The final choice of furniture design will depend on its practicality in relation to the client’s brief, its style. And whether it will fit and work satisfactorily in the actual space.

<h3>Details and accessories</h3>

Attention to details is a key part of good kitchen design and a great deal of emphasis is placed on the way accessories are used in contemporary interiors. Details such as handles, can appear incongruous if they are not in keeping with the overall scheme. While modest additions such as stylish, good-quality handles can transform a simple piece of furniture.

Wood paneling, panel frames of MDF or tongue and grooves boarding. Can be applied to introduce a particular style to a kitchen design, or manipulate the proportions. As with all the finishes in a decorative scheme, the interplay of texture and light will be a factor in the selection process.

“Design is a continuous learning process, and one should never stop educating the eye through art. travel, books, film and theater.” Constanze von Unruh – designer

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