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Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas

bespoke kitchen

When planing kitchen storage, consider the type of cooking you do most often.Generally the busiest room in the house, the kitchen is truly multi-functional. We use it for cooking of course but often also for dining, socializing and doing the laundry. Among other things which means that it has to perform well when it comes to storage. Investing in custom-made kitchens, that can make usage of all the available space. From foodstuffs to detergents and saucepans to cocktail glasses. There is a huge variety of items that either need to be kept readily accessible or hidden from sight.

Kitchen Storage

So that meals can be prepared efficiently, storage for regularly used equipment and ingredients should be allocated close to the working triangle. The zone demarcated by the sink, cooker and refrigerator. This will help to streamline the cooking process, saving time and efforts.
Conversely, items that get only seasonal use – barbecue and picnic equipment, or large serving dishes. Can be stored towards the back of deep cupboards or high shelves. Keep cutlery / flatware, tableware and linens near the dining table. While the laundry basket and detergent belong close to the washing machine. Tea, coffee and sugar should be immediately accessible once you’ve flicked the switch on the kettle.

Custom-made kitchen

Investing in a custom-made kitchen allows pans/ skillets, colanders and other cookware to be kept easily accessible.Store like with like, so that it is easier to find a particular item when you need it. When it comes to storing heavy cookware such as cast-iron casseroles. It is a good idea to keep them stacked on a low shelf, for easier and safer access. If shelves can be sited near to the cooker, all the better.
In order to squeeze maximum storage potential out of a cupboard or wall space. Position shelves as close as possible, or have them adjustable. Without packing them so tightly that it’s difficult to remove items, of course.

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