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Clutter-free surfaces and floors

Clutter-free surfaces and floors

bespoke kitchen

In a small kitchen, as much storage as possible should be wall mounted, scribe to ceiling, bespoke cabinetry. Banish surface clutter by putting up a key rack, letter holder and noticeboard. Consider where it might be useful to site a small open shelf or a basket. Installing a floor-to-ceiling bank of minimalist kitchen cabinets squeezes every inch of storage space out of a small room. In a large open-plan room, it helps to create the feel of a living kitchen by downplaying the functional aspects of the area. Bespoke cabinetry comes into its own in an awkward or compact space. If you are remodeling your kitchen, it may be possible to make more significant changes to maximize storage space. There are numerous clever solutions to enable easier access to corner base units, including cabinet carousels and pull-out shelves.

Maximize storage

Tall pull-out larder cupboards are great for squeezing maximum storage value out of a small strip of vertical space. They are so much more useful than ubiquitous built-in wine rack.
The minimalist aesthetic demands that surfaces are kept clear of clutter. Bespoke cabinetry, this means sufficient storage provision for every ingredient, utensil, small appliance and piece of china and cookware. It also means that cleaning is made easier.
When everything is being stored out of sight, easy access is important. Deep drawers are a much more practical option than base unit cupboards, which make it difficult to reach items at the back. This usually involves kneeling on the floor and delving into the depths of the space.

Custom-built storage

Bespoke cabinetry is without a doubt the best choice, as it makes the most of every inch of space and can be designed with flat panels that either slide or push to open. A minimalist interior relies on clutter-free surfaces and floors. If you aren’t naturally tidy, planning a generous amount of built-in storage. Such as tall bespoke cabinetry is the easiest way to achieve this sleek, elegant look.

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