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Living room – Storage requirements

Living room – Storage requirements

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As a recreational space, the living room often has simpler storage requirements that the parts of the home with specific practical functions (for example, the kitchen). Even though it tends to be the place where we spend most of our waking hours. The majority of living room only need storage provision for entertainment technology. Media collections and comfort related items such as firewood, cushions and throws. That said, living spaces with a dual purpose – those with a corner used for hobbies or a play area – demand special consideration, consider investing in a bespoke furniture.

Uncluttered look

For an uncluttered look, try to invest in storage that keeps the TV, games consoles, media players and any discs collections out of sight – a specialist unit or a fitted cupboard will do the job nicely. If you don’t mind your TV screen being always visible. There’s no reason why you can’t re-purpose another kind of cabinet as an entertainment centre, simply by drilling holes in the back for the cables. Glass fronted examples can be a benefit here, as remote controls will work without the doors having to be open. But make sure that there is adequate ventilation. Or you could find that your electrical equipment is overheating. There are plenty of designs available with integrated shelves and drawers. Even some with a laptop table that rises up, simultaneously offering a higher level surface and access to the storage space inside.

Fitted storage

If you live in a period home, your living room may already feature fitted storage. Such as shelves and cupboards either side of the chimney breast. If it doesn’t, this traditional arrangement is both pleasingly symmetrical and makes good use of the alcoves; without encroaching too much on the floor space, so it is well worth emulating.
A more contemporary take would be to create a whole wall of storage, concealed behind sliding doors. Where literally anything and everything could be stored; allowing you to have only carefully edited belongings on show in the rest of the space.

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