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When did the ‘study’ become the home office?

When did the ‘study’ become the home office?

Oak study

It may have been as computers were embraced into the home and women gained ground in this traditionally masculine domain. Gone are the dark wood and ‘men’s club’ leather chairs in favour of lighter, brighter more ergonomic and democratic furnishings.

Home office

A home office, study should reflect your individuality, as should the storage. While box file and filing cabinets can look great in an apartment with an industrial aesthetic. They may also look great in a more traditional home as per bellow example. Where the filling cabinets have been incorporated into this bespoke solid oak study.
oak file cabinet
It is possible to customize more domestic shapes and finishes by choosing custom-made home office’s, study’s to keep the office in step with the rest of the home.
If you have to hold meetings in your home office you will need to make doubly sure that your space looks passably professional. It is also a good idea to situate your office close to the entrance to your home; so that clients and colleagues won’t have to traipse through the whole house to get there.


To assess storage requirements here, begin by itemizing the equipment that you use: different professions have very different paraphernalia. Technology makes its own demands on space and most home offices, study’s need at least a computer, printer and phone. While some call for other more career-specific, from a sewing machine to a drawing board. If you do use electronic equipment, remember to ensure you have sufficient power points; so that you can position it, and task lighting, where you want them. Here is a great example of storage unit in solid oak.
oak storage unit

Home office storage

Efficient home office storage is for those with a healthy horror of, not an unhealthy interest in, filling. Try to maintain a clean-desk policy by putting away everything that is no longer needed. Keeping everything off the primary work surface apart from the task immediately in hand has been shown to improve concentration by minimizing visual distractions. Mess equals visual noise. It is difficult to concentrate or be creative in chaos.

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