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Create the ultimate streamlined look with custom-made wardrobes

Create the ultimate streamlined look with custom-made wardrobes

fitted wardrobe

If your bedroom is used for more than sleeping, you will have additional storage considerations. Custom-made wardrobes, dual-purpose furniture and under-bed storage are all excellent solutions.
When choosing furniture, remember to take account of its storage potential. Hence we recommend fitted wardrobes custom designed to incorporate all your needs.

Custom-made wardrobes

If you follow the approach whereby items are kept where they’re needed. There won’t be much more to store in your bedroom than clothes. But if it’s to often a peaceful haven for a good night’s sleep. A bedroom must be tidy and free of clutter. Which means that adequate well-organised storage is of the utmost importance. Invest in custom-made wardrobes for the ultimate streamlined look and a clever use of space. Also walk-in wardrobes if you have the space are a must have with open shelves and racks allow easy access to clothes and shoes.
If you are following the practical approach whereby items are stored close to where they are needed. There will probably not be very much to store in your bedroom besides clothes and shoes. Also if you have a dressing room then it will be easier to organize your bedroom making it a safe haven. Creating your perfect retreat where you can simply unwind after a long day.

Bespoke furniture

Bespoke furniture are often favored for its practicality, clean lines also can be made to work well. For example floor to ceiling custom-made wardrobes in recesses either side of a chimney breast or in an alcove. Also if space is tight fitted wardrobes are a great addition. Opt for bedside cabinets rather than tables. Or even better a small chest of drawers that is the perfect height to use as a nightstand. Another clever idea is built-in dressing table with a mirror fixed on top or hung on the wall just above it.
Whatever your preferred style, it is an excellent idea to invest in either custom-made bed with deep drawers in the base are the best or under bed boxes.

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