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Kitchen spaces

Kitchen spaces

white kitchen

The sort of extension you decide to go with will dictate how much space your new kitchen will have; but as a general rule a single height and side return are often the first steps towards making use of otherwise unused space. And creating the best connection with the garden. The kitchen is still the main selling point of any house. And is also the one area that you will not want to scrimp on when it comes to extending. You have to be practical about your present and future lifestyle demands too.

Open-Plan Living

While open-plan living is so often the ideal you might want to think about incorporating designed zones in your re-imagined space for pantry storage, utilities and media, as well as areas for formal and casual gathering and dining.
It’s incredible what you can fit into a tight kitchen with a bit of clever design. Think about your own lifestyle and design around that. So, if you dislike loud appliances, a laundry room is a must. Or if you’ve a lot of small appliances you might like a walk-in storage space. Even deciding whether you want to eat or cook facing the garden can be a good starting point to evolving your design.
From the moment you open a front door, the value in a house is always in its long view. I want your eye to always run out to the garden. I feel that the join between old and new should be seamless. It shouldn’t matter whether you are in the extension or in the original part of the house, there should be no disconnect or threshold. It should just feel right.

Interior design solutions

Before you embark on any project make sure you have furnished it on plan.With open-plan living you have very few walls. So where do you hang art or put that sideboard? Square spaces can be very difficult to furnish.
Beware of creating over-large areas which you may not use, and also think about the amount of glass you will need. I personally like transparency but it is important to preserve privacy, so remember that large areas of glass will mean large areas of open plan.

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