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Create an inspiring bedroom for your child

Create an inspiring bedroom for your child

children's bedroom ideas

See the world through a child’s eyes and create a bedroom that will inspire them and provide a place in which they can play all day and rest peacefully at night. For kids who are feeling artistic, wall stickers are a great idea and they’re an easy update to a plain wall. Our above example actually is painted in colorful squares with MDF letters and numbers to give a 3D effect.
Playful, exciting and fun are three words that spring to mind when we think of kid’s bedrooms. On this premise, even the most colour-shy and minimalist amongst you can afford to loosen up. Let your creative side out and be bolder and more imaginative when thinking about style choices.

Young at heart

When it comes to planning it’s important to think about the practical side such as how the bedroom will be used and how it can grow and adapt to your child’s needs. For example, you should consider if you’ll be able to easily update the space for siblings to share; or make it flexible to suit a change in activities such as homework. Also aside from the essential elements, such as a bed, fitted wardrobe and custom-made deep drawers. You’ll also want to consider clever storage. Kids love ample storage to stash away their toys; hence we can recommend custom-made deep drawers. Remember that good storage appeals both to the neat freak and to the messy monster.

It’s fun to learn

Once you have all the practical elements sorted, you can turn your attention to the decoration for your kids bedroom. It can be fun to get your child involved either to choose a theme for the room or to pick out their favorite wallpaper. The walls are a good place to start and when you’ve got a colour scheme you can go from there. Once you’ve achieved the room you desired, all that’s left to do is to enjoy quality time in it with your children.

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