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The principle of clothes storage

The principle of clothes storage

Custom-made wardrobes

The principal of clothes.

Only clean items should be put away and store everything behind closed doors. It’s said that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. So the first step to achieve a well-organized custom-made wardrobes is to conduct a clothing audit. Try everything on, and remove any garment that hasn’t been worn in the last year.

You might want to sell higher-value items through an online auction site, but if you don’t think you’ll find time, be bold and donate everything to charity instead.

Store separately if you want to keep for sentimental reasons, or children’s wear intended for a young sibling to grow into. Chest of drawers are best suited to folded cloths , such as sweaters, T-shirts and jeans. Keep like with like (perhaps with the help of drawer dividers). If you are stacking things up, put heavier garments underneath lighter ones.

Custom-made wardrobes built into the eaves of a room represent the ultimate in understated interior style, as well as maximizing storage capacity. Clothes intended for long-term storage should be fully cleaned. Place them in a clean suitcase, or a space-saving vacuum storage bag. Don’t keep clothes in unheated spaces such as cellars garages and attics. You could find there’s a problem with damp, which is detrimental to fabric.

Once or twice a year, unpack everything, unfold the garments to check for signs of mildew or moths. Refold and repack them differently so that any creases don’t develop into damage to the fabric.

Streamline your storage

Another way to streamline your storage needs is to separate your clothes into seasonal wear and rotate them between the closet and a less accessible space. Guest-bedroom wardrobe/ armoires and drawers are ideal to keep out-of-season garments. While bulky items such as knitwear, winter coats and ski-wear are ideal candidates for under-bed storage.

If you want to keep treasured or expensive garments free of dust and tip-top condition, invest in specially made covers.

Never stack folded clothes right to the top of a space. A good air flow required to keep garments in the best possible condition. If you pack them in too tightly, you risk damage from mildew; easy spread of moths and other pests.

An economic way to create custom-made wardrobes space to install a hanging rail in an alcove. Simply put up a curtain to screen your clothes. Minimalist floor-to-ceiling wardrobes are perhaps the best way to keep a bedroom or dressing room to look sleek uncluttered. Provide plenty of dedicated space to clothes and shoes.

Tall shoe racks and cabinets are often a better choice than low designs if you have a lot of footwear. They offer a much greater capacity for the same base area.

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