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Fitted kitchen for contemporary home

Fitted kitchen for contemporary home

custom-made white kitchen

The kitchen remains the heart of the modern home; not simply a functional are where food is stored, prepared and cooked. But also a social space where the family eat together, talk on the phone, finish homework and entertain friends.Ergonomics should be tempered with atmosphere to ensure that the kitchen not only works well but also remains an appealing room in which to spend time.
With the introduction of the fitted kitchen, now so frequent in the contemporary home, things have become even more streamlined. A well planned, fitted kitchen will answer all of your storage needs. Providing enough organised space for food and drink, cutlery, crockery, pots and pans. It may also include space for extra hi-tech, labour-saving gadgetry, as per our example a pop up plug socket fitted into the kitchen island.

Pop up plug socket

It makes sense to site your larger appliances. The washing machine and tumble dryer and of course the increasingly indispensable dishwasher. Within an overall fitted kitchen, which will often include space for them to be installed. To save extra space and give yourself more storage room in a fitted kitchen, invest in an integrated washer/dryer. In a small house or open-plan apartment choose the quietest models available. So that you can run them at night and still get to sleep. If your kitchen is exposed to your living or dining area. Then think about creating a closed-off utility area for storing the noisier appliances; such as the washing machine and tumble dryer. Also if the open plan kitchen allows you invest in a kitchen island with breakfast bar.We have as an example this great custom kitchen island that we have created and installed in Winchmore Hill.

Kitchen island

kitchen island
The island includes a selection of cupboards, drawer units, pull-out bin unit, Belfast sink, hob and breakfast bar. Cooking and eating should be stimulating, enjoyable activities and not complicated by messy, overloaded worktops, hard labour and out of control cupboards. A streamline kitchen that is hygienic, safe and easy to clean, with well planned storage for all your needs; will tempt you into culinary creativity.

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