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One of the trickiest places in the home – Hallway

One of the trickiest places in the home – Hallway

Hallway coats and shoe fitted cupboard

Hallways need to include fitted cupboard, custom-built storage, for coats and shoes as well as all those small items essential to everyday living, such as keys, cash and outgoing mail. The entrance hall can be one of the trickiest places in the house when it comes to planning storage. Since space is often very limited we advise investing in fitted cupboard.
The key is to keep in the hall only items in regular use -so weed out any seasonally used belongings, such as rain wear or sports equipment. And find another spot for any shoes, coats and accessories that are kept for special occasions.
By investing in fitted cupboard it can be custom-made to your requirements such as pull down hanging rails, adjustable shelving. Doors can be customized as well for example having mirrors, or they can be paneled such as Shaker style. Make sure that you express your wishes to your designer.

Fitted cupboard

Sufficient footwear storage is a must. If your hallway is narrow, a slimline custom-made shoe cabinet is an ideal solution. Or if the space isn’t so compact a chest or a fitted wardrobe will keep the look streamlined. For muddy boots, consider a storage box with plastic tray inside or invest in a boot rack.

Under stairs cupboard

The under-stairs area in a house has a great potential, especially if you commission custom-built storage to maximize the use of space. The most useful kind involves a series of pull-out drawers that run the whole width of the staircase. And avoid the need for you to crawl through a waist height cupboard door to find something at the back.
Don’t forget to dedicate a spot to all those little things without which life can come to a grinding halt – car keys, money and important mail. While you wouldn’t want to keep cash and keys within reach of the front door. You need them to be easy to grab as you leave. A small wall cabinet or perhaps a bowl or pot of some kind on a shelf or console table will conceal valuables while keeping them accessible.

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