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Finding extra space

Finding extra space

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You do not want to cram every inch of your home with shelves and cupboards. But you will probably need more storage space than you have. If you want to keep your living space clear and uncluttered, make the best possible use of wasted corners and unexplored angles, by adding fitted cupboards, bookcases or custom-made wardrobes.
What does your storage space need to house? At the very least, it will include clothes, shoes and a minimum of tableware and kitchen gadgets. On top of that you will have books, videos and any number of other personal possessions. Some more important than others, some needing more regular access than others. Photographs and letters are precious but you will not need to get at them too often. So they can be hidden away in closed storage, wardrobes, while everyday tableware needs to be near at hand and easy to retrieve and replace.

Where to look

The first place to look is anywhere that provides a ready-made recess.These slots can be fitted with storage without robbing the room of any useful space. Alcoves on either side of a chimney breast can be transformed into shelves, cupboards or wardrobes. Are deep enough to take chunky equipment like television and music system. Fireplaces themselves are useful spaces. If the fireplace is no longer functioning, or you are happy to forgo the idea of an open fire. You can remove the fittings and reline the space or go in front with floor to ceiling wardrobe as well in the recesses which will provide a practical, useful space.
It is up to you to decide whether you leave these storage spaces open or front them with cupboard doors. Doors can give the room a neater, more streamlined finish by continuing the line of the wall. But remember that you will need space for doors to open into the room. To solve this problem, either fit sliding doors wardrobe or aim for a series of narrow doors, each one exposing just a small section of storage.

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