Bespoke Furniture - Fitted Cupboards - Built in Wardrobe - Sliding Door Wardrobe

 All our made to measure cupboards, Built in and Fitted Alcove Cabinets, Cupboard,  are bespoke made to measure according to your requirements. We make everything from scratch in our workshop and do not use standard units such as the large 'bespoke' furniture companies.
    You can choose your Fitted Furniture to be finished in a variety of materials, ready to paint in MDF, high quality Spray Painted or Solid Wood Veneer such as Oak or Ash.
    If you'd like an exact quote, please get in touch or request a free design visit from one of our expert design team. 

  • alcove cabinet
  • boiler cupboards,
  • shoe cupboards,
  • storage cupboards,
  • bathroom cabinets,
  • under stairs storage,
  • TV media cabinets,
  • baby gates,
  • alcove wardrobes
  • bespoke nursery furniture,
  • custom made dinning table,
  • bespoke coffee table,
  • bespoke dressing table.
This are just a few examples of our made to measure cupboards, all our furniture is build to suits your needs and budget.  If you are interested in our made to measure cupboards just get in contact and let us do the work for you.

white matte bespoke  chest of drawers

matte olive chest of drawers

matte white bedside table

metallic black chest of drawers

design of chest of drawers

chocolate high gloss bedside table with drawers

cream high gloss bespoke dressing table with drawers

high gloss custom made bedside table

high gloss bespoke cabinet

plum high gloss bespoke bedside table

saffron high gloss made to measure chest of drawers

white high gloss bespoke bedside table

baby gate

alcove display cabinet with glass doors

white high gloss bespoke cabinet

white high gloss custom made cabinet

white custom made mirror

alcove fitted wardrobe

alcove cabinet

black custom made cabinet

black bespoke vanity unit with mirror interior

alcove bespoke bookcase

alcove bookcase hand painted in white

bespoke cupboard

Childrens Toilet Cubicles

contemporary bespoke coffee table

contemporary tv unit

custom made black bedside tables

shelves height adjusters

wash basin for childrens

white built in cupboard

red bespoke cupboard

bespoke white cupboard

tv cabinet display

built in cupboard

mirrored clothes cabinet

bespoke clothes and shoes cabinet

built-in clothes and shoes cupboard with mirrored door

bespoke study

bespoke purple drawers

alcove bookcase in white

alcove fitted display unit with glass doors

black & red bespoke fitted cupboad with mirror doors

cutom made red door

nursery bathroom

white bespoke mirror

matte aubergine chest of drawers

matte olive chest of drawers

matte zinc bedside table with drawers

bespoke chest of drawers

black high gloss push to open chest of drawers

chocolate high gloss bespoke dressing table

high gloss bespoke  bedside table

high gloss bespoke chest of drawers

high gloss wood effect custom chest of drawers

plum high gloss custom made chest of drawers

saffron high gloss fitted wardrobe

white high gloss custom made dressing table

white high gloss bathroom cabinet


radiator cover with bookcase

under stairs custom made cabinet

bespoke tv cabinet in black

red and black bespoke cabinet with glass shelves

custom made cabinet

white hand painted alcove bespoke bookcase

mirrored bespoke vanity unit in black

bespoke coffee table

bespoke tv cabinet

childrens washroom

contemporary black dressing table

contemporary white bedside tables

kids wash basin

vanity units for children

washroom vanity units

white cupboard shelves adjuster

red high gloss cupboard with sliding glass doors

white bespoke TV cupboard with glass door

bespoke tv unit with lights

fitted cabinet with glass doors and light

alcove shoes cabinet

bespoke shoes cabinet

made to measure office furniture

bespoke purple drawers

alcove display unit in white with glass doors

black & red bespoke cupboard with mirrors

black bedside cabinet

mirrored fitted cupboard

white bedside table