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Clive Anderson Bespoke Furniture illuminates the possibilities that by adding  bespoke furniture to your home can offer and explores, step by step the decision making criteria that make great home design. 

    Clive Anderson Bespoke Furniture has grown into many things. It has become a network of like minded designers and bespoke manufacturers, a reference point for home owners and a bench mark for innovative customer service, but most of all Clive Anderson Bespoke Furniture is a process.

    Working with customers across many projects of different sizes, budgets and styles has been very revealing and interesting. My hope by showing you our work is to realign your expectations and provide you with a better understanding of how much we value YOU as a customer.
  I will start with a project that has been done in East London, is a push to open mirrored door cupboard internal white melamine carcass, hanging rail for coats and pull out shoe shelves. This clever cupboard is concealed simply by shutting the cupboard door.
                             push to open cupboard 
pull out shoe shelves 

     People often overlook the amount of stuff they tend to have in their living rooms. This low unit hides away the wi-fi, DVD and the equipment.Media unit custom made in red high gloss vinyl wrap frame, 2 black glass sliding doors and 2 drawers. Suitable holes in the frame top allow cables to discreetly connect the phone and TV witch can sit on the unit.

bespoke TV unit      custom made TV unit

    Contemporary bespoke cupboard made from MDF, the outside is sprayed in black and the internal carcass is sprayed in red, internal glass shelves. The storage you make must be suitable for your needs or it will be inefficient.

custom made cupboard     bespoke cupboard

    Since joinery is so apparent in most properties, the detailed design of the joinery is very important. You can ask your designer to produce the detailed design drawings or you work out want with your builder and joiner on the site, consider the following points. Note the precise dimensions and aesthetic proportions of what you want. Will new items look right in the room and will they all work together? Remember to think about ergonomics. (for example, can you reach the shelves?). Here is an example of bespoke bookcase made from MDF hand painted with adjustable shelves and CD shelves.

bespoke bookcase   custom made bookcase

    People often become slightly obsessed with the idea of matching all of the timber within their home. I don't think this is always necessary. Blending different timbers can give a beautiful effect as you use timber from the same family: 
Deciduous trees, such as oak, cherry, beech and walnut
Evergreen soft woods such as cedar, Douglas fir and pine
Tropical or Australian timber, such as jarrah, iroko or teak.
Bespoke unit made from veneer oak and hand painted doors, pull out drawers on caster wheels.
bespoke  kids unit  
oak custom made kids unit

Custom made mirror with border made from MDF hand painted in white.

bespoke mirror frame   
custom made mirror frame
Storage should play either a starring or a quiet role in your interior. If it is not a feature of the room, bled it with the natural lines of the room. Custom made TV media unit  made from 18 mm ply, hand painted in white with  drawer/top storage with doors and open shelves.




The great thing about under stairs cabinet is that, with a little imagination, you can use all of the space. There are a number of clever storage solutions for the eaves (low part). Here, a specially designed angled wardrobe pulled out like a drawer.


A fitted bedroom ideal for the 21th century,high gloss acrylic white with duo glass effect edging on doors. The more continuous and connected your zones are, the larger a small space will feel. Having more than one finish in a fairly small space can look messy.


Sliding door wardrobe with mirrored doors, walnut carcass and chrome frame.



Sliding door wardrobe with pure white glass doors, carcass in oak and bronze frame.

Sliding door wardrobe with ivory glass doors, carcass in walnut, chrome frame.


Sliding doors wardrobe with mirrored doors and storage, 18 mm ply carcass, hand painted.


If a bathroom is fairly small, do not cram too much into it. If there is not enough room for a separate shower and bath, put a shower over the bath. Resist the temptation to go for twin washbasins unless there is plenty of space. Custom made bathroom cabinet with acrylic white door, push to open.


Mirror, mirror on the wall. Custom made bevelled edge all around mirror with sprayed  frame and bespoke tiled mirror. Keeping the lines of a small bathroom clean and simple is vital to generate the feeling of space.


The great thing about loft space is that, with a little imagination, you can use all of the space, even that which is too low to stand up. Bespoke sliding door wardrobe with carcass in walnut, 3 section doors, two in walnut and one in ivory glass, chrome frame.


When working out how much space there will be in your loft, make allowances to lose some height to adding a thicker floor (typically 150 mm/6in) and insulation in the roof thickness (usually 75-100mm/3-4in). Bespoke fitted wardrobe with high gloss ivory doors and carcass in walnut.


A good way of gaining bedroom space is to replace old-fashioned heating system that require bulky hot and cold water tanks and large boilers. New boilers are much more space efficient and pressurised hot water system can be located in more convenient position that their predecessors. Bespoke wardrobe fitted in an alcove, cappuccino doors, zebrano carcass.


These photos illustrate the details design of sliding door wardrobe, the materials and finish involved need to be considered. Bear in mind practicality. Do you need to allow space for pipes work (for example, in a bathroom cupboard) or cable (for an office desk)? What drawers, doors or handles are you going to use? Hinges, catches, runners and sliding mechanisms need to be chosen, as they will have an impact on the design of any joinery.


Bespoke high gloss vanity unit emphasises how the traditional role is changing into one of wellness, relaxation and communication. The bespoke vanity unit provides the perfect opportunity for adding a stamp of unique personality to your interior.

bespoke vanity unit    
custom made vanity unit

In a clean interior it is vital to keep the lines simple. All mechanisms need to be concealed, so it is important to allow enough space at the outline stage, although details can come later. The bespoke office furniture was specially designed so that cable runs and computer equipment were hidden away to give an uncluttered look, leaving only the screen, keyboard and mouse on display.

bespoke office furniture    
custom made home study

It may well be that a lovely piece of furniture can suit both your space and your storage requirements; this possibility should be a part of your thinking. However, often the most successful storage is that which does not attract the eye. Look for opportunities to incorporate storage at the outline stage while the design is fluid. Bespoke bookcase, hand painted with bottom cupboards and adjustable shelves.

bespoke bookcase    
custom made bookcase

Full-height fitted wardrobe can form a wall, and this can be a useful device for high-density storage where you can afford to lose some width in a room. Try to keep the lines simple. If you are going for fitted wardrobe, aim to fill a whole wall to full height and full width. Empty space beside and above storage will feel more cumbersome in the room (as well as reducing space).

bespoke tv unit    
custom made tv unit

Finding  these spaces once design is advanced can prove impossible, or else ruin a settled arrangement. When the design is at the outline stage, work over the plan looking for recesses. Focus in the areas of the home where will be required.


The lighting in a bedroom should encourage calm and tranquillity. The lighting should be gentle and glare-free yet allow for practical activity when required. In this example we have well made bespoke wardrobes in matte black MFC with walnut frame and interior in walnut.


A fine example of bespoke home office, the material that we have used is 18 mm MFC egger board veneered in oak and stained to bring it to the colour of the customers choice, the bespoke home office includes floor to ceiling built in open shelf bookcase with a selection of random blank push to open doors, an L shape desk with bottom drawers, file cabinets and pull out shelf for  printer.


Bespoke dressing table in veneered walnut and stained, includes L shape worktop, rounded ends,bottom  equal drawers unit, rounded end panel to run in line with dresser top, mirror fitted to back panel, cornice running across fly-board to take low voltage lighting, open shelves unit running at the both sides of the mirror with top lights.

  Bespoke wardrobe veneered in walnut and stained, includes full height curved corner units,wardrobes with diamond effect veneer walnut.

Bespoke island with glass top, top to bottom push to open drawers for jewellery, ties, belts, sitting area including cushion. 
Built-in wardrobe with walnut carcass and sprayed high gloss grey and orange doors to match bathroom tiles.
Built-in angle wardrobe with Aida Walnut carcass and 18 mm MDF high gloss ivory  vinyl wrap doors.
Made to measure alcove bespoke wardrobe in veneer walnut.